Transnational meeting for teachers in Roman, Romania
from 23 September to 26 September 2016


Friday 23.09.2016

  • Arrival of guests

Saturday    24.09.2016

8.00-11.30         Teachers’ meeting at school

11.30-18.00       Trip to Red Lake and Bicaz Gorgeus, Hasmasul Mare National Park

14.00- 15.00      Lunch at the Red Lake restaurant

18.00 – 19.00     Discussions  about the second year of the project at Red Lake

Sunday    25.00.2016

9.00   Teachers’ meeting in the hall of the hotel

13.00  Departure of the Polish guests



  • Aims of the meeting:
    1. analysis of the results of the project achieved so far;
    2. summary of the first year of the project;
    3. evaluation of indicators of achieving objectives of the project
    4. evaluation of the activities carried out so far , including  dissemination of the project and its results;
    5. information about activities carried out in schools between mobilities;
    6. overview of the activities that will be carried out during the mobility in Poland;
    7. discussing the details of cooperation in the second year of the project;
    8. modification of the schedule of mobilities in the second and third year of the project;
    9. determining dates and schools which are to host the second and the third mobility
    10. approving changes in the schedule of mobilities in the second and third years of cooperation
    11. risk analysis and identifying ways to prevent it
    12. presentation of financial reports after the first year of the project
    13. electronıc versıon of the followıng documents have been gıve to partner schools;

    a)summary of the fırst year of the project

    b)evaluatıon of the ındıcators of achıevıng objectıves of the project

    c)programme  of a short –term students exchange ın Gryfıce (dates, actıvıtıes, project, tasks, aıms of actıvıtıes, tasks whıch should be prepared by students to partıcıpate ın a mobılıty, products of actıvıtıes)

    d)materıals to prepare and task to do for the mobılıty ın Poland

    e)tımelıne of mobılıtıes – Year 2