turkey_640 (6)Akhisar Macide Ramiz Taşkınlar Fen Lisesi


 Is a boarding science high school.It was founded in 2010.It has got about 200 students and about 15 teachers with 3 administrative staff.The type of the school is a science school which accepts high level of students after a national exam from secondary to high school by Ministry of Education.The distinguishing feature of the school is most of the lessons are Science lessons such as Biology,Chemistry and Physics.

The school’s students generally  go to top class universities of the country.It has been joining scientific games and competitions since it was founded and has gained important levels .Akhisar Science School is located in the West of  Turkey . Akhisar is the name of the county,which is close to Izmir city,the third biggest city of Turkey.

Akhisar Macide Ramiz Taşkınlar Fen Lisesi is a science school which has developed some important projects on scientific issues . The school has carried out a Biology Project and been given  a good degree by The Scientific and The Technological Research Council of Turkey. The school also won a prize in Mathematics Olympics by The Scientific and The Technological Research Council of Turkey.Students and teachers are both follow scientific fairs and competitions in local and national levels.Most of the school staff have got experience on Ecological Issues and Biological Projects.

The school staff and the students  are also active in foreign languages.Both German and English are being taught at school.Akhisar Science School has also the prize given by Oxford Press in a language competition.The school has some attempts and sample lessons on CLIL methodology.They integrate the scientific lessons in English in some parts by using CLIL .The use of foreign language with scientific issues will be emphasized by the school in the Project.