spain_640 (6)IES Alonso Sánchez Huelva


Is a public sencondary school with around 650 students. We offer compulsory secondary education (12 groups of approx. 30 students each , 12-16 years old), postcompulsary secondary education (A-levels) (6 groups of approx. 30 students each, 17-18 years old, both Social-Humanities and Scientific-Technologic), two VET groups (civil building), and three groups in the evening of adult secondary education. We have 56 teachers and 13 administrative staff. 4 groups in compulsory secondary education and 1 in postcompulsory education have teachings partially in English applying CLIL methodology. IES Alonso Sánchez is a urban school located in the center of Huelva, a town in South-Western Spain of around 150000 inhabitants. The students who attend our school are of varied social origins. We have also a short number of deaf students and students with educational needs.


Natural Sciences are taught all throug the Secondary Education. In post compulsary education we have Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology. We have 4 Biology-Geology teachers (one of them teaching CLIL) and 4 Physics-Chemistry  teachers (one of them teaching CLIL as well).

IES Alonso Sánchez is concerned about the conservation of Nature. Huelva is an industrial city with an important chemical industry which was created in the 1970´s. And at the same time, Huelva is surrounded by several important nature spaces. There has been a continuous fight to make the industry respect and preserve the environment.

We usually have school trips to visit the above mentioned spaces and the industries.