poland_640 (6)Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Bolesława Chrobrego in Gryfice


Is a public secondary school located in the northern part of Zachodniopomorskie province, far from big cities. The big problem in the area is a high level of unemployment, which mainly concerns secondary school and university graduates as well as people who used to work on state farms. According to statistical data the level of unemployment in Januay 2015 reached 25%.


Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Bolesława Chrobrego had 3268 students in the school year 2014/2015. Most of the students come from  rural regions of the province. These are typical farming areas, once dominated by State Farms. About 70% of the students live in the country while the rest live in Gryfice and nearby small towns – Płoty and Trzebiatów. Most of the students commute to school, often from places which are situated more that 20 kilometres from Gryfice.


In the school there are about 20 classes. Students can study a range of subjects. They can choose classes which teach Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography) at extended level. The school cooperates with Koszalin University of Techology thanks to which our students take part in lectures and laboratory classes there. The school also cooperates with West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin where students participate in classes on genetics, biotechnology and ecology.  Students can also specialize in Mathematics, History, Social Studies or Foreign Languages. The school also offers classes in Psychology, Pharmacy or Medicine. WE teach three languages: English, German and Spanish.