italy_640 (5)Liceo Scientifico “Enrico Fermi” Aversa


is a secondary school with 1800 students and 200 teachers. It is located in the south of Italy at 30 Km from Naples. It is aimed at the study of the link between scientific and humanistic translation; guides the student to explore and to develop the know-how and skills, to develop the competences necessary to follow the development of scientific and technological research.


The school has many departments: The Department of Sciences which promotes an extensive programme, in the morning and afternoon; the Department of sport works  in a large gym and participates in many national competitions. The sport center offers many student courses: Athletics, rural running, basketball, volleyball, Futsal, Table Tennis, Archery, Aerobics. The school organizes a five-day school trip  to engage winter sports (hiking-ski-snowboard).

The school leads numerous partnerships with third sector associations in the province of Caserta: NEW FRONTIERS, (offers a series of workshops aimed at discovering the vocations of students, to involve them in the life of the school and the community); EDICOLA (YIA programme) aims to train young students, with the support of editors of a major newspaper on-line territory, investigative journalism; CIAK: democracy in action! puts young students in direct contact with local officials to discuss the theme of the representation (at the school level and political).