Trip to “Marismas del Odiel“

a) Objectives:

  • – Knowing ‘in situ’ a natural area.
  • – Getting to know the procedures to protect the area.
  • – Learning about some endemic and endangered species.
  • – Attending a Lecture by the Director of the park with information about:  details of the zone.
  • – Difficulties in keeping a protected area close to a town.

b) Product: A photo-reportage.

The Paraje Natural de las Marismas del Odiel is the second most significant wetland reserve in Andalucía after the Parque Nacional de Doñana. This large estuary and marshland of the Odiel and Tinto rivers covers 72-sq-km between Huelva City, Punta Umbría, Gibraleón and Aljaraque. It was granted protected status in 1989. The best time to visit is in spring during the breeding season and in winter when there are lots of waterfowl.

Within the Odiel nature reserve are some smaller protected areas: the Reserva Natural Marismas del Burro between Gibraleón and Huelva city; the Reserva Natural Isla de Enmedio between Aljaraque and Punta Umbría; the Paraje Natural Estero de Domingo Rubio south of La Rábida; and the Paraje Natural Lagunas de Palos y las Madres between Huelva and Mazagón.