in Romania

Earth Day 2017 – Local project of the Erasmus project, Last chance in conserving biodiversity for future generations

Target group and beneficiaries at the partnership level

  • -students from grades IX-XII and teachers of Danubiana Technical College, Petru Poni Technical College and Ion Ionescu de la Brad Technical School;
  • parents;
  • the local community.

Final products and results and their degree of concrete use at the level of the partnership, the institution and beyond:
– essays in English
– artistic creations
– The exhibition with students’ work will be an opportunity to see that the purpose of the project has been achieved
– exchange of experience related to the teaching staff.

II.  Project Ecology and Environmental Protection

1. Period: November 2016 – June 2017; partners: The City Hall of the Roman Municipality Environmental Compartment, the  Danubiana Association;

Main activities: application of questionnaires to pupils and parents, information / popularization, contest, exhibition.
2. Number of participants: 191 students, 24 teachers; 10 partner schools.

III. The contest: “Earth. THE FOREST. LIFE

Results achieved as a result of project implementation:
• More than 400 students at school level and 200 pupils in partner school units were informed about the prevention of environmental degradation through recycling, tree planting, posters;
• Conclusion of partnerships with other school units in the county;
• Developing team spirit, enhancing student communication skills.