in Poland

I. The educational trip to Wolin National Park by the School Project Club members carried out within the project ( educational trip to Wolin NP )

Date: April 2, 2016
Place: Wolin National Park
Participants of the trip:
Members of the Project Club in Secondary School named “Bolesław Chrobry” in Gryfice, who qualified to participate in the short-term student exchange in Spain.

II. First County Competition Geographic “Erasmus + in Chrobry” carried within the project ( Geographic Contest )

Date of the contest: March 31, 2016
Place: Józef Pańkowski Lecture Hall at Bolesław Chrobry High School in Gryfice
Participants of the contest:
 Książąt Pomorza Zachodniego Public Lower Secondary School in Trzebiatow,
 Żołnierzy Armii Krajowej Lower Secondary School in Gryfice,
 Mikołaj Kopernik Lower Secondary School in Gryfice,
 Bilingual Lower Secondary School no 3 in Gryfice,
 Wisława Szymborska Public Lower Secondary School in Karnice.

III.  The Educational trip to the Politechnika Koszalińska, which was carried out within the project (lectures on Politechnika Koszalinska )

Lectures and LAB workshops “Biological methods of processing organic waste”, “Different faces of water”, “LAB of energy biomass”
prepared and carried out by scientific employees of Politechnika Koszalińska as one of the steps of preparing the students from Bolesław Chrobry Secondary School in Gryfice to take part in mobility to Spain.

IV. The meeting of the students who took part in the mobility in Italy with the students of Gimnazjum nr 3 z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi (Meeting with the students of Gim )
(Junior High School No 3 with billingual classes) in Gryfice

Date of the meeting: March 15, 2016
Place: Community Centre in Gryfice

V. The first day of spring at Chrobry High within the Erasmus+ project ( the first day of spring )

Date: March 21, 2016
Location: The hall and pitch of Bolesław Chrobry High School.
Involved: The members of the Project Club, the teachers and students of Chrobry High as well as Chrobry Junior High.